Monday, April 12, 2010

Homemade Glimmer Mist

So this is my first attempt at home made glimmer mist. I have seen a few tutorials on it so I decided to try it. I have a lot of alcohol inks that I have bought to dye clear dewdrops. Tim Holtz makes wonderful colors of inks in Earthy Tones. So to make the glimmer mist, I used Alcohol Ink, Mica Powder, a drop of Crystal Glaze dimensional glue and water. The mica powder is heavy duty stuff, you really need only a tiny bit. I had a bit of trial in error in making the green. I used quite a bit of the Mica Powder in gold and that sorta over-rode the green ink. The cranberry color came out really well though. I used a pearly mica with violet undertones
I still have 9 more colors to make and will put up a pic when I am done..

***EDIT*** (4/14/10)
I have contacted Tim Holtz about using alcohol inks in the homemade glimmer mist. He wrote back to me and explained why Alcohol inks should NOT be used. The ink contains a resin that when in liquid form if inhaled can stick to the lining of your lungs. And if by accident you spray yourself in the face, the alcohol ink could blind you. And knowing me, that is something that could easily happen. I just wanted to clarify and let everyone know please do NOT use the alcohol inks but by his video tutorial you can find, use the Distress Ink refill. 


Laura said...

I love it! What beautiful colors! oyu need to stop and make a card now lol

Jason said...

according to Tim himself you should not use the alcohol ink in a spray. instead use his distress ink re-inkers

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